Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joy to the World~~~

I just love the peace, spirit of giving and joy when Christmas arrive. Its seems to be one of the days I looked forward to in a year. On this day, everything just looks so peaceful and serene, with sounds of carolling coming from nearby churches. How melodic~. How nice it will be if a blancket of cotton-like snow were to cover my house on the day of Christmas along with the cold weather. But that's just something which will not happen even if i prayed 365 days a year. Anyway may LOVE and PEACE be spread around on this day. JOY TO THE WORLD~~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Business~~

This is one topic i love the most. Its about what i work as for a living. I'm a real estate agent, or a negotiator some call me. This is definitely one of the best choice i made in my life. Why do i venture into real estate??? First of all, i'm definitely not the admin and paperwork type of fella. Work requiring me to sit quietly in the office, troubleshooting all the problems my clients face and finishing the neverending paperwork definitely is not my cup of tea. I will be bored to death by the routine and the lack of chance to interact with the many faces out there.

The other reason i just love my job is because i have the chance to handle properties. Although it's not mine, but i do have the chance to learn how to manage a property and to learn how to look for a good property. I'm practically the first liner in the field of prperty investment, and this DO help aloooot when i have the capital to invest in properties. By then, i wun be making the mistakes most first time buyers make.

Third thing i love about my job is because i have a chance to learn from the experienced people in my field. And trust me, their advice sure is sound. I'm able to differentiate myself from other agents under their guidance and to follow their steps in achieving total financial freedom in the shortest time possible. Its not about fast money, i'm my own boss as i take no salary from no one. My aim is to generate a more than enough passive income thru property investment to allow me to live a life i want.

Economic recession hit me hard this year. I finally know how it felt to be hit by one. It answers the questions i have about economic and how it can affect the daily life of some one who manages his own business. I doubt people who work for a living, those taking salary will know the actual effect unless retrenchment is around the corner. But then, thru the pain, i learn to overcome the hardship. Thanx to the people who introduced me into this field. I can only say, I LOVE MY WORK~!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Everchanging Utopia~

Just heard from the radio while i'm driving just now. It mentioned abt Utopia, and suddenly it strikes me dat the word is so less heard of nowadays and kinda amazed me how such a thing can go forgotten.

What's my Utopia?? Where exactly is it or how far away am i from Utopia?? Well, after some serious thought, it seems to have changed as time goes by. I'm practically born into the first Utopia i ever know. I have, to me, the best parents i can possibly ask for. They are always there for me, from my first baby cry to my first tears when i reached adulthood. Never have they given up on me before. Always staying with me, guiding me in the best possible direction for me, and giving me sound advice whenever i needed them. Their unconditional love is something i can't ignore or overlook. I'm terribly sorry and ashamed to say dat sometimes, i may have taken their love for granted, and may even disappoint them, but they will never utter a single word. Silently, they will wait for things to calm down and for me to realise my grave mistakes. To my parents, I Love You. Growing up under their wings will be the Utopia i remembered most clearly for all my life.

Yet, when i grow up, things started to change. Especially when we entered adoslecent. Things sudenly revolves around friendship and relationship. The Utopia for then is about how many friends i have, how popular i'm among friends and how wonderful my soulmate will be. The idea of being an outcast among my peers practically freaked me out. I started to be the best friend one can ever have to practically EVERYBODY. Even though deep down i know i can't, i still tried. It only ended up in me feeling lost and confused about my true personality. About who i really am. About understanding the face under the many masks i wore. At this point, i became reclusive and quiet, which is the total opposite of the hyperactive me, for a week. One of my friend noticed and gave me an insight of who i really am based on his understanding. From dat moment on, i understood a truth so important i will call it enlightment. I understand that i'm whoever i want myself to be. I can be the happiest person on earth if i so much so as allow myself to be happy in the first place. From then on, i became who i am today. A jovial, cheerful and sometimes hyperactive person who my friends labeled as a carefree soul. I found my second Utopia in life.

When i started working, i started to look for my third Utopia which is to achieve financial freedom. I'm still working towards my goal to achive it for now but along with me, i kept and hold dear my first and second Utopia. They had became vital in my daily operations. After i achieved the third Utopia, who knows, I may look for the fourth which will most probably be a blissful marriage and a handful of kids. Kids i will see growing up in the healthiest possible environment, like the one my parents gave me, with my dearest beloved soulmate (My current girlfriend, hopefully).